1. Natural oils

    Natural oils

    Grape seed oil

    Grapeseed oil is a great detoxifier, rejuvenator, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. In addition to this, grape

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  2. Grape seed oil for wrinkles

    Grape seed oil for wrinkles

    The appearance of wrinkles represents the most obvious sign that we are aging. It happens to all human beings at some point, but for many, the longer we can avoid them, the better.

    It is important to remember that sunlight is the main cause of skin aging, as it damages skin cells much faster

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  3. The Power of Grape Seeds

    The Power of Grape Seeds

    Inside the grapes, in those small and discreet seeds that we all remove so as not to eat them, and which are treated as residues in the processes of making wine and other beverages, hide very valuable properties and for many unknown until now. Grape seed oil is a great detoxifier, rejuvenating,

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  4. The beginning of Wine Therapy

    The beginning of Wine Therapy

    Wine therapy is an alternative treatment that arises from the fusion of ancient traditions and the knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of wine. 

    One of the most distinguished peoples in the development of wine were the Greeks, and it was precisely in ancient Greece where medicine had a

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  5. What does grape bring to your skin?

    What does grape bring to your skin?

    What is wine therapy? 

    Wine therapy was created by the French Matilde Cathiard and Bertrand Thomas. Together they founded the first centre of this therapy in Graves and in Bordeaux (France), an area famous for its wines.

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