1. Lanzaloe Park, an Oasis for Natural Life

    Lanzaloe Park, an Oasis for Natural Life

    Aloe vera flowers are producers of multiple sugars which attract numerous species of insects, arachnids and molluscs and other animals such as birds. These animals find this source of energy and food in our Lanzaloe Park plantation, an oasis for natural life.

    In addition to the named animals, there are many others that live from the primary production of nectar from the Aloe vera plants. Others also find protein-rich food by preying on the herbivores and thus generate a balanced food chain on the plantation, all thanks to the Aloe vera plants and their flower. This once again confirms the ecological importance of our cultivation.

    At the moment there is a clear balance, no intervention is needed.  While working on agronomic tasks we observe the interaction between these animals and evaluate the levels of damage to the crop, which are extremely low at the moment.

    The Aloe vera flowers, even after being harvested and dried, are still useful to the bees that visit the farm, as they are a source of pollen that continues the process of post-harvest anthesis.

    Therefore LANZALOE contributes to the worldwide campaign to protect the bees in its Aloe vera plots in full bloom and allowing these useful hymenopters to take advantage of pollen and nectar even from flowers in the process of drying.

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  2. One more year, Lanzaloe is sponsor of the Wine Run Lanzarote 2019!

    One more year, Lanzaloe is sponsor of the Wine Run Lanzarote 2019!

    We will be present not only at the arrival of the athletes but also on stage handing out gifts to the winners. We will also be at the food and wine fair inviting everyone to try some healthy tapas to replenish energy after the race. In addition, you will be able to taste our liqueur and Aloe vera cake among other things.

    This year we will show you a new line of very traditional products from the island. If you want to experience this event with us, do not hesitate to come to our tent. We will make you enjoy the Wine Run experience like never before.

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  3. Lanzaloe will be one of the sponsors of the Wine Run race

    Lanzaloe will be one of the sponsors of the Wine Run race

    Once again the participants of the Wine Run race will be able to enjoy the freshness and hydration that the Lanzaloe products bring to their skin.

    Lanzaloe will be present at the arrival of the athletes and in the area of the food and wine fair with its promoters who will invite everyone a shot of Aloe Liquor, and a smile!

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  4. Liga Lanzaloe Ajedrez

    Tomorrow, January 12, the "Liga Lanzaloe de Ajedrez" will start. Once again,

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  5. "Elaborated in the Canary Islands" is not a brand, it is our way of seeing life ...

    "Elaborated in the Canary Islands" is not a brand, it is our way of seeing life ...

    Today 30/10 the newspapers "La Provincia" and "La Opinión" have published a special "Elaborated in the Canary Islands" in which we have participated, publishing the Brand Manifesto and the graphic of the campaign together with the brands of the companies that sponsor it.

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  6. The fraud of aloe vera reaches the 21 million euros

    The Canary Islands Government believes that the solution is a Protected Geographical

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  7. Development of Lanzaloe Park

    Development of Lanzaloe Park

    Our organic cultivation of Aloe vera welcomes you to some new plants!

    Like Aloe, the new plants also have incredible health properties: Argan, Moringa, Olive, Geranium and Indian fig opuntia.


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  8. Traditional Grape Harvest Fest in La Geria

    On Monday, August 15, the traditional harvest with camels was celebrated in the Bodega de la Geria. Residents and tourists went from being mere spectators of the process of grape harvesting and winemaking to active participants in the traditional harvest, where the grape was moved

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  9. Lanzaloe, S.L. Has been beneficiary of the Industrial Modernization and Diversification Grant 2015

    Enlargement and optimization of the production process with the production of new products subsidized by the Council of Economics, Industry, Commerce and Knowledge Government of the Canary Islands according to the resolution of concession of the BOC num. 210 of 10/28/2015.

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