Grape seed oil for wrinkles

The appearance of wrinkles represents the most obvious sign that we are aging. It happens to all human beings at some point, but for many, the longer we can avoid them, the better.

It is important to remember that sunlight is the main cause of skin aging, as it damages skin cells much faster than normal physical aging. Other causes include smoking, unhealthy diet and genetics.


Why does the skin wrinkle with age? 

As we age, our skin becomes thinner, drier and less elastic. This means that the skin is more fragile, can be injured very easily, and its ability to protect itself from damage is reduced.

Skin also tends to loosen as components such as collagen and elastin (which provide skin firmness and elasticity) diminish. In addition, our oil-secreting glands are reduced, leaving the skin with less oil than it needs to stay hydrated. Moisture means flexibility to shrink and stretch.

Essential oils can help with wrinkles by keeping skin hydrated, thereby preventing some of the damage resulting from lack of elasticity.


Grape Seed Oil against wrinkles

Grape Seed Oil contains a high amount of lipids that are essential to the cell membrane, is rich in phenol and many essential fatty acids that strengthen and nourish cells and maintain moisture. These characteristics make it an excellent cosmetic ingredient for controlling skin moisture. It is rich in vitamins C,D,E, beta-carotene and proanthocyanidins, all potent antioxidants to save skin from premature aging.

Black grapes contain resveratrol, an active ingredient that activates the sirtuin enzyme responsible for slowing skin aging and increasing cellular vitality.

In addition, these seeds are a source of powerful antioxidants called oligomeric proanthocyanidins (PCO), which are also generically called pignogenol, a class of flavonoids.

Laboratory studies indicate that PCOs are much more effective than vitamin C and vitamin E in neutralizing the oxygen free radicals that are one of the causes of the body's degeneration and aging. Currently the oil of these seeds is used by the cosmetic industry for its light emollients that are easy to penetrate, leaving the skin smooth and clean thanks to its soothing and healing effects. When absorbed quickly is good for any type of skin, as it tones without clogging the pores.


In fact, due to its high content of Linoleic acid, many cosmetic products use it for oily skins. It can also be used on scars, to reduce stretch marks and as an after-sun lotion.


And if using it as a moisturizer is not enough, it can be purchased for eating with salads, baking or frying, since one of its main characteristics is to maintain the natural flavor of meals. It also acts on saturated fats due to its antioxidants, vitamin E, and its very high content in Omega 6, which serve to prevent their accumulation in the arteries.


Grape seed oil allows to treat aging and helps health. 

Beauty starts from the inside, which is why we must bear in mind that what we eat helps to keep our skin hydrated and with all possible resources so that it renews itself efficiently.

Lanzaloe works with grape seed oil in the wine therapy line, mixed with organic Aloe vera from the island of Lanzarote.