How to take care of Aloe vera in pots?

Growing aloe vera at home can be an excellent idea. In addition Aloe vera can live perfectly in pots.

We can use the leaves of this wonderful medicinal plant in many home remedies and enjoy the many benefits it provides. 

It is so easy to grow that it is worth having at home. It needs few cares, little water and, in addition, it is enough to have it in the interior. 


How to plant the Aloe vera plant?

  - The first thing we must take into account when planting Aloe vera is the time and clima. This type of plants require a place that is neither too humid nor too cold. Therefore, it is ideal to plant them in a clay pot. Also, the best time of year to do it is autumn or spring.

  - The best way to plant Aloe vera is from one of the buds or offspring of an adult plant. The seeds of Aloe vera are more complicated to get, so the best option is to do it through one of the children. 

  - Place a two-finger high gravel drain at the base of the pot to ensure that the plant will grow in optimum conditions.

  - Add common garden soil and peat in equal parts. Also add organic fertilizer, never chemical. If you have an adult plant and this is where you want to get your children or shoots from, first of all identify them. The sprouts are those that have grown around the mother plant, they are smaller (they should measure between 15 and 20 cm) 

  - To remove the plant from the pot, select one of the children, grab all its leaves and, with the help of a spreading knife (without damaging the plant) separate the roots of the sprout and the mother plant.

  - It is very important not to damage the root of the sprout, since it constitutes the main part so that a new plant can grow. When you have it, you only have to introduce it in the flowerpot and cover the plant with soil until the birth of the leaves. It is advisable to start watering two weeks after planting.

  - It is recommended that you leave the new plant in a place where it will receive sunlight and, if possible, be somewhat damp. During the first stage of planting, moisture favors its growth, so it should not be left in a cold place.

  - Keep in mind that when the plant is adult (between two and five years after planting) you must separate the mother from the children and repeat all this process to reproduce it. 

  - If you have seeds of Aloe vera, you should know that the preparation of the soil is the same as that of planting from shoots.


How to take care of Aloe vera?

- The Aloe vera plant should grow in a pot that is quite wide and shallow. Very small or overly heavy pots are not recommended, as then you will not be able to move it easily when you want to move it from the inside out, or vice versa. 

- Aloe vera needs to be located in a porous and nutritious soil, so it is advisable to introduce into the pot a little soil with sand or perlite. It is a type of plant that does not support that its roots are in contact with the water and, for that reason, they require a ground of easy and fast drainage.

- It is important that when spring arrives, you fertilize the soil in which the Aloe vera grows with earthworm humus. This step can also be carried out during transplants.

- If you are going to have the Aloe vera plant inside the home, place it in a place where it receives as much natural light as possible. If you place it outdoors, look for a place in full sunlight, but keep in mind that when it rains or there is a risk of frost you must cover it to protect it. 

- Forget to walk with the shower every day, you must water your Aloe vera every 15 or 20 days, using little water and pouring directly on the ground, without leaving the pot flooded. Keep in mind that if you exceed the amount of water, the Aloe vera plant may rot. On the other hand, if you notice that some leaves are very thin and wrinkled, it means that they are thirsty and need a little more water.


Keep in mind: Aloe vera does not tolerate low temperatures (less than 10 ºC constant) and frost can cause damage to the plant, both in the air and in the roots. The most suitable temperature for aloe is between 17 and 27 ºC.

Now that you know how to take care of an Aloe vera and know the benefits that this plant brings to the health of our body, would you encourage you to have one at home?