Travel Set Bath Spa - Malvasía

The essence of Lanzarote in a selection of products, grown and manufactured in the island, which perfectly combine the antioxidant power of grapes and properties of Aloe vera, providing significant benefits to the skin.

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Bath Gel:  Moisturizes and firms the dermis.

Firming Oil: Reduces stretch marks and cellulitis. Firms the gluteus and breast area.

Shampoo: Prevents the appearance of dandruff and hair loss.  Good conditioner for hair.

All from the Vinoterapia Line.

Main Ingredients
  • Malvasía Volcanica Bath Gel
  • Malvasía Volcanica Firming Oil
  • Malvasía Volcanica Shampoo
Format 100ml
Package Cylindrical with top flip top
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