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Unique in Lanzarote with its own production aloe vera!

Cultivation in organic farm and own production.

We take care of every step of the production process that ensures that Aloe juice maintains all its benefits.

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  • Lanzaloe Park, an Oasis for Natural Life
    Lanzaloe Park, an Oasis for Natural Life

    Aloe vera flowers are producers of multiple sugars which attract numerous species of insects, arachnids and molluscs and other animals such as birds. These animals find this source of energy and food in our Lanzaloe Park plantation, an oasis for natural life.

    In addition to the named animals, there are many others that live from the primary production of nectar from the Aloe vera plants. Others also find protein-rich food by preying on the herbivores and thus generate a balanced food chain on the plantation, all thanks to the Aloe vera plants and their flower. This once again confirms the ecological importance of our cultivation.

    At the moment there is a clear balance, no intervention is needed.  While working on agronomic tasks we observe the interaction between these animals and evaluate the levels of damage to the crop, which are extremely low at the moment.

    The Aloe vera flowers, even after being harvested and dried, are still useful to the bees that visit the farm, as they are a source of pollen that continues the process of post-harvest anthesis.

    Therefore LANZALOE contributes to the worldwide campaign to protect the bees in its Aloe vera plots in full bloom and allowing these useful hymenopters to take advantage of pollen and nectar even from flowers in the process of drying.

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  • Lanzaloe and its commitment to the environment. Recycling and composting
    Lanzaloe and its commitment to the environment. Recycling and composting

    Since 2001, at Lanzaloe we have been producing cosmetics and drinkable juice from the processing of Aloe Vera leaves, using raw materials grown on our own farm. This agro-industrial activity generates organic waste that must be responsibly managed to reduce its impact on the environment.

    At Lanzaloe we have implemented composting and worm farming biotechnologies to efficiently transform all your organic waste and obtain useful by-products within the framework of 100% ecological production. The plant residues generated during all the activities of the nursery and maintenance of the Aloe vera plots located in Órzola reach up to 1.2 m3 per week; another 1.8 m3 of residues also result from the processing of the leaves in the technological facilities of Playa Honda, Lanzarote for the extraction of the pulp and obtaining our precious pure and fresh Aloe vera gel with all the nutraceutical properties that have been discovered worldwide.

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