What does it mean that a product is vegan?

The most observant will have noticed that recently we have incorporated a new symbol in all our products.

It is the vegan logo.

But what does this mean? What does it mean that a product is vegan?

The word veganism has a simple meaning at the same time precise, it means the practice of refraining from consuming products of animal origin. An ethics, a philosophy, a way of living. Vegans follow a diet without animal products: eggs, dairy, meat, fish, shellfish, or even honey. The difference of the vegetarian diet, is that in the latter animal products are consumed, as long as they do not cause the animal's death. Then the vegetarian diet can include foods like milk, yogurt, cheese or honey.

Thus, the vegan seal guarantees that it is a product that does not contain ingredients or products from slaughtered animals.

A fast and clear recognition based on standards recognized at European level.