Aloe Vera questions


Aloe Vera questions

  • How to transplant my Aloe plant?

    Strike outside the pot where the plant is, so you will get the soil to separate a bit from the pot. If it has been for a long time in the same place, you will notice that it is quite stuck so you should help with a spatula. When out of the pot if the aloe has given children, you can separate each plant and place it in a different place. Then you should prepare the place where you plan to lay your aloe. Whether it is a pot or if you prefer to place it in your garden, the process is the same. Make a hole slightly larger than flat on the ground, pour a little water place the plant, then cover the roots with earth squeezing a lot.

  • Do I need any fertilizer to take care of the plant?

    Yes, if your Aloe is at home, it is best to use some fertilizer to ensure a good growth rate. Keep in mind that, your plant is in a pot and only receives the nutrients of a small portion of land, that is why it is necessary that this land is in perfect conditions.

  • How to plant an Aloe?

    The simplest option is to get one of the children growing up around an adult plant.

  • What care does my Aloe plant need?

    You should plant it in a clay pot that measures half the length of the leaves and change its container every 3 or 4 years. It is important to keep the Aloe in the sun, either outdoors or in a bright spot of the house, let the land dry between irrigation and irrigation and prune the flat twice a year, one in spring and the other in autumn, choosing the leaves, which are more than 2 years old, and that are closer to the base.