Notre mission

Lanzaloe is a company in , Canary Island that is devoted to the creation of products based on Aloe Vera. Its main goal is to combine knowledge and tradition with the latest technologies so as to put all the benefits aloe vera has to offer in our clients´ hands.

Unlike any other similar company, lanzaloe is very careful about the preparation pof cosmetic products from the beginning of the process, that is, from the growing of the plant. For that reason, we have our own field of aloe vera  barbadensis from which we extract the essence to work on our products.

It is all based on an strict ecologic agricultural process that is environmentally friendly and concerned about the plant cycles. By growing our own plants and preparing our own products we guarantee the best final results: high quality cosmetics that preserve and boost the many healing qualities of aloe vera.

Our Policy

We live in Lanzarote, which has been declared a “Reserve of Biosphere” by UNESCO. Therefore, we are very much aware of the importance of preserving the environment. That is why we believe it is possible to bring together agriculture and the aloe industry.

We follow that policy in order to guarantee our growing processes of aloe vera be endorsed by ICA (Canarian Institute of Agricultural Quality). That endorsement is proof that the base element of our production process, the juice of aloe vera, preserves the original properties of the plant.

Our Goal

We intend to offer our clients quality products that preserve the internationally endorsed properties of aloe vera. That way we are able to cover our clients´ needs in terms of cosmetics, dietetics or any other field where the aloe might be needed as a final product. We also want to offer an efficient service that turns into a well-known refrence and helps us recycle our processes and constantly improve ourselves.

Our Team

Lanzaloe´s team consists of around twenty professionals that work in different fields and share ideals founded on the harmony between tradition and the latest technologies. 

All of them, from the farmers to the technicians at the laboratory, are aware of the importance of bringing together those two concepts so as to get profit of popular wisdom on aloe and natural remedies that have eventually emerged and adapt them to everyday life by boosting its propeties.