Malvasia Volcanica Night Cream

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Night face care is as much important as day face care is, because while resting the skin regenerates even more. This is why it is important to use active components that nourish and regenerate the skin.

Malvasia Volcanica Night Cream is designed to repair and nourish the skin while sleeping.

Pure Aloe Vera Juice and Ectoine powerfully regenerate and hydrate the skin while the Malvasia grape seed oil combats signs of ageing and the effects of UV radiation.

For all skin types.

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How to use

To ensure the active components penetrate adequately, remove carefully the make up and let the skin dry completely before applying the Night Cream.

Apply at night to face, neck and cleavage.


• Ectoina increases fluid retention, repairs the skin by moisturizing and stops premature ageing.

• Coconut Oil softens and textures the skin.

Main Ingredients

• Coconut oil

• Malvasía grape seed oil

• Pure Aloe Vera Juice

• Ectoine

• Aquavit

• No contains Synthetic coloring

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