Quality Commitment

Lanzaloe is committed to ecological agriculture. 

At Lanzaloe we are fully aware of the importance of developing a quality product to satisfy our clients´ expectations. For that reason we work hard in order to obtain certificates that support our work and prove our commitment to ecologic agriculture, as in the case of the Certificate of the Canarian Institute of Agrifood Quality, or the European Seal of Ecological Agriculture, among others.

 We have also become members of several institutions such as the Canarian Association of Aloe, in order to continue improving ourselves and setting new challenges. 

Concerning the services we provide through this website, we give you full guarantees, so that if you are not pleased with the product and decide to return it, we will either replace it for an identical one or will reimburse you.

In addition, our Client Department will answer any question about our products from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. In that case, you can contact us by fax, telephone or e.mail:



Asociación CABIOMED Cluster de Aloe Vera, Biodiversidad y Plantas Medicinales
Ecological Agriculture in the European Union
Certificado de Agricultura  Ecológica Europeo
ICA´s Certificate of Ecological Agriculture
Certificado del ICA  de Agricultura Ecológica